PhD, Master, and Visiting students for international applicants

For international students @ IHEP-CAS

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  • 2023 UCAS PhD program for international students
  • 2023 UCAS Master program for international students
  • 2023 UCAS Visiting Students program for international students


Experimental Physics Divition, Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (EPD-IHEP-CAS), Yuquan Road 19B, Beijing 10037, China

About the programs

The University of Chinese Academy of Sciences opens PhD, Master, and Visiting Students positions for international students.

For exact details of the program please refer to IHEP Education Department – International Students and do not rely on this page.

For PhD program and Maser program it is written:

  • It is not mandatory for you to find a supervisor prior to submit an online application. Those who meet the above-mentioned conditions can submit application whether they find a supervisor or not. For applicants who do not get accepted by any supervisors when submitting application, the colleges or institutes which they select may help forward their applications to potential supervisors for references.

So you may apply with me, may apply without advisor, or apply through other advisors. If you are interested in working with me, in the following sections you can find description about my research interest.

Without scholarship, you shall need to pay the tuitition fee. Besides that, you need to consider the cost of living. According to the IHEP Education Admition Brochure (in Chinese), the advisor shall pay you 3000-6000 CNY per monthin.

There are three sources of scholarships:

  • CSC scholarship
  • UCAS scholarship
  • ANSO scholarship The ANSO scholarship is not available for visiting students program. All three are available for PhD and Master programs.

Again, please refer to IHEP Education – International Students for exact information about the programs.

Program deadline

Scholarship deadline


Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO)

PhD/Master/Visiting-Students Topics

The research projects should be closely related to the JUNO experiment.

JUNO (Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory) is a neutrino experiment located at Kaiping, Jiangmen, Guangdong of China. It is around 53 km to both the Yangjiang and Taishan Nuclear Power Plant (NPP). Its center detector includes 20,000 tons of liquid scintillator contained in an acrylic ball of radius 17.7 m, and around 20,000 20-inch photo-multipliers. The primary goal of JUNO is to determine the neutrino mass ordering. At the same time, considering its large mass and execellent energy resolution, it has strong potentials to study the geo-neutrinos, solar neutrinos, atmospheric neutrinos, DSNB, supernovae neutrinos etc.

A PhD project shall study a comprehensive study of a specific yet general question. A Master project shall study a more constrained question. A visiting student project should have clear goals and objectives and definite duration.

My current research interest focuses on

  • Solar Neutrino Physics with JUNO
  • Machine learning application in JUNO

If you are interested in working with me, please apply through the above mentioned programs within deadline constraint and contact me for more details.

Xuefeng Ding 丁雪峰
Xuefeng Ding 丁雪峰
Associate Research Fellow

My research interests include neutrino physics, high performance computing, and machine learning.